Welcome to our stewardship campaign, Love Better 2020! 

Many of you have shared with me your hopes and dreams about our church and city. It is clear to me that we do really want to make Jefferson City an even better place than it already is. To me, that is so encouraging and exciting. We want to seek an end to homelessness, create vibrant children’s and youth ministries, and facilitate a partnership with Lincoln University. We already run the Fresh Start Market, partner with Thorpe Gordon Elementary, help finance (and volunteer at) Common Ground, and the list could go on. The point is this: this church touches so many lives throughout the year. 

Our impact is wide and, I think, important to our community. In order to continue making an impact in the years to come, we will need your financial support. We typically put together our church budget for the calendar year during November and December. So that we can be the best stewards of our collective resources, we will launch a stewardship campaign next month. 

Tonight, you will hear a preview of the themes to be shared throughout the campaign as well as a vision from me about where our church is going and how your financial support can continue to impact lives in our community and beyond. We will ask all of you here to turn in your commitment cards this evening if you are comfortable doing so but before October 15th if at all possible. This will allow us to know how successful this campaign is and to encourage the rest of the congregation to join in your generosity.

Here is a link you can use if you would prefer to pledge online rather than submitting a card. 

You are valued members of our congregation and I look forward to working together to turn dreams into new realities in 2020. Again, I am very excited about the future of our church and I know, with your help, we can do great things together for our members and our community. 

You are such a blessing and thank you again for being here tonight. Together we will “Love Better” in 2020. <br><br>

With Grace,

Pastor Trevor