Online Commitment Form

Dear Church Family,

During the month of October, you have been hearing all about our LoveBetter 2020 campaign. From sermons, video testimonials, letters and emails, you have learned the importance of committing your time and resources to make a bigger impact in the lives of our members and community.

The overarching theme during LoveBetter 2020 has been that financial stewardship is a spiritual discipline. Yes, stewardship campaigns are necessary to keep our beloved church programs running smoothly--and through the comment cards you’ve shared, we know this is very important to you. However, our generosity should come from a place of gratitude, trust and devotion to God and how he is transforming us, our church, and the larger community of Jefferson City. We are all family, and I encourage each of us to prayerfully consider how we can better love our family in the coming year.

During the listening tour, I learned our members are passionate about improving and expanding our Next Gen ministry. We are making headway on some exciting new activities for our youth and have already expanded the Sunday School programs for our children. However, we can do much more.

Beyond the walls of our church, we identified two areas of focus:

  • Developing a strong relationship with Lincoln University
  • Ending Homelessness in Jefferson City

We are off to a wonderful start with Lincoln University by welcoming hundreds of students as they moved into their dorm rooms this Fall and initiating relationships with and support for international students.

To begin addressing homelessness, we are currently participating in conversations with area churches to form an affordable housing initiative for those who are experiencing or nearing homelessness.

Though we are gaining momentum, we need your help to realize these dreams.

During our LoveBetter 2020 kick-off dinner, we asked those in attendance to make their commitment early. After the dinner, we tabulated the total pledges and found that this group of members increased their pledge amount by 13.6% over what they pledged last year. Praise the Lord! We are so humbled by your faithful stewardship.

Would you consider matching the extravagant generosity shown by these early pledgers? If you haven’t pledged in previous years, would you consider doing so this year? Every dollar committed and every person matters. We will continue to accept cards (or online commitments) through the first weekend of November.

I look forward to worshiping with you and teaming up to serve our family. Let's Love Better in 2020!

With Grace,

Pastor Trevor