FUMC Foundation

The Foundation is a not-for-profit Missouri corporation which was formed for charitable and educational purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation is a supporting organization of the First United Methodist Church, Jefferson City, Missouri and, as such, is considered a public charity. The Foundation, however, stands apart from the First United Methodist Church and is governed by its own volunteer board of directors. The Foundation enjoys charitable tax exempt status from the IRS and gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible for income tax reporting purposes.

The FUMC Foundation allows you to direct donations to projects that mean the most to you and your family. Whether you wish to support children or adult ministries, mission projects, music or scholarships, a donation of any amount is meaningful and appreciated. All (100%) of your donation will be used for the purpose you indicate.

The Foundation supports the outreach of our Church which is not covered by the Church’s annual operating budget. This mission is accomplished through scholarships and grants.


General Foundation Senior Scholarship
FUMC Foundation Board Scholarship
Christina Clary Billings Scholarship
Donald Lee Harris Scholarship
Cornelia Kibbey Roberts Scholarship
M. LeRoy Heman Family Scholarship
Jerry Kelly Scholarship
Rev. Gene and Jane Rooney Scholarship

*please note: we are experiencing technical difficulty with our fillable pdf form online. You may print out the form to fill out and mail in, or wait a few days until the issue is resolved. 

Download Scholarship Application Here

Grant Information

Spring – March 15th or Fall – September 30th via e-mail, mail or hand delivery to
First United Methodist Church Foundation
201 Monroe Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Attn: FUMC Foundation Board


The mission of the First United Methodist Church Foundation is to support for generations the First United Methodist Church, Jefferson City, Missouri and its Methodist heritage. Foundation grant monies should apply to projects and initiatives which are consistent with the Foundation’s mission and beyond the reach of the church’s operating budget.

Applications should be typed or word processed and limited to the space allotted. Use no smaller than 11 point type and no script font. Handwritten applications will be accepted, but must be printed in black or blue ink and be clear and easy to read.

All sections must be completed and submitted. Use the space provided in the application and only submit.

Download Grant Application Here

Board of Directors

A volunteer board of directors governs the Foundation. The directors each serve a five year term. All directors are members of the First United Methodist Church, Jefferson City, Missouri.

Brent McGinty, President
Fred Bodenhamer, Vice President
Heather Warbritton, Treasurer
Roger Kurtz, Secretary
Marylin Durk, Director
Phil Mummert, Director
Sheila Smith, Director
Jerry Kelly, Church Liaison
Debbie Mathes, Volunteer Financial Consultant

Donate to FUMC Foundation

For further information about the Foundation, please contact any Foundation director or Jerry Kelly, FUMC Church Administrator, at the church office by calling (573) 635-6886.

Donations are accepted at anytime.