NextGen Coordinator

Expected salary range is $40,000-42,000 plus benefits.
-This job opening is taking applications until March 3rd.
Supervisor: Pastor of Discipleship.

Our vision for Next Gen Ministry:

1) To empower our next generations to love better in age-appropriate ways, by Doing no harm: our ministry will work with parents/guardians to develop Christ-like character in our children, youth, and young adults, as indicated by growth in compassion and understanding for the neighbors God has given them.

2) Doing good: our ministry will provide ways for our children, youth, and young adults to discern their gifts for ministry, as well as to empower them to use those gifts to serve others in the church, the community, and the world.

3) Staying connected: Our ministry will help children, youth, and young adults stay connected to God through spiritual practices and Godly relationships. Our ministry will provide space for the next generations to connect with adults and peers in a safe, open environment that nurtures spiritual friendships and mentoring.

Expectations of Church Staff:
1) Be Safe Sanctuaries certified
2) Attend 4 Ministry Support Team meetings per year
3) Attend 4 church-wide events per year
4) Attend weekly staff meetings
5) Continue faith formation and spiritual growth in one’s Christian journey

• The mission of First United Methodist Church is to love better. We are here to help people grow in love toward God, others, and themselves by connecting them to Christ. We seek to accomplish this mission by encouraging and equipping each other to do no harm, to do good, and to stay with God and one another. The Next Gen Coordinator will be responsible for shaping our next generation ministries according to this mission, empowering our children, youth, and young adults to love better in age-appropriate ways.

What We’re Looking For

  • Position Responsibilities:
    • Oversee all Next Gen Ministry.

    • Develop a strategic vision and discipleship pathway for children, youth, and young adults from “diapers to diplomas,” in collaboration with the Next Gen Advisory Council and staff. The Next Gen Advisory Council serves as the keeper of the vision for Next Gen ministry, and support for the Next Gen ministry staff.

    • Establish a clear communication plan. The plan will include communication with students and families, staff, volunteer workers, Advisory Council, Ministry Support Team, and the congregation. The plan will also include communication within the larger community, including an outreach strategy.

    • Develop a volunteer recruitment and training program in collaboration with the part-time Children and Youth Directors, as well as the Connect Coordinator. This recruitment and training program should include “gateway” opportunities of very short-term commitment that allow volunteers of different generations to come and see the ministry.

    • Ensure a comprehensive, well-balanced, Biblical program for next generations consistent with the vision for Next Gen Ministry and discipleship pathway. Programs should include intergenerational offerings, in addition to age-specific small groups.

    • Assist with the hiring of a part-time Children Director and a part-time Youth Director.

    • Equip all Next Gen Ministry paid staff effectively through teaching opportunities designed to help reach solid measurable outcomes.

    • Create a cohesive team of staff and lay leaders to ensure consistency and sustainability of ministry that is not entirely dependent on any individual leader.

    • Ensure that our Safe Sanctuaries policy is being observed and is current. Serve as the Local Church Safe Sanctuaries Coordinator, also known as Local Church Safe Sanctuaries Associate (LCA).

    • Provide annual ministry budget recommendations in collaboration with the Next Gen Advisory Council and supervisor.

    • Actively participate in the local community, including school events, local organizations and volunteer opportunities.

  • Specific Goals:
    1) Over the course of the next year, EMPLOYEE will focus in the following areas. S/he will meet with her supervisor on a quarterly basis to discuss progress and to receive any needed support.
    -Identify the particular goals that you and the employee have discussed for the upcoming year. Be specific, as these will be the goals that will be discussed during evaluations and quarterly check-ins.
    -Also list what support structures the employee will need to accomplish these goals.

    2) Additionally, EMPLOYEE will participate in a spiritual growth plan, following our Love Better model. S/He will utilize the attached LOVE BETTER GOAL SHEET to help s/he and her supervisor navigate this process.
    Upon hire, attach Love Better Goal Sheet as evaluation tool.

    Growth and Training:
    Identify how the employee will continue to grow in his/her field in the coming year.

    -Youth Director
    -Children Director
    -Nursery Coordinator


Childcare Worker

Supervisor: Childcare Coordinator

The mission of First United Methodist Church is to Love Better by Doing No Harm, Doing Good, and Staying Connected with God and Each Other. This position will be responsible for providing childcare as scheduled.

Expectations of Church Staff:
• Be Safe Sanctuary Certified
•Participate in a spiritual formation or small group

• The purpose of the Childcare Coordinator is to plan and implement childcare for all worship services, First Connect, other activities and special events.

What We’re Looking For

  • Position Responsibilities:
    • Provide age-appropriate care which includes: feeding, changing diapers, escorting to the bathroom, maintaining a safe environment, putting children down for naps, holding, or sitting with and cheerfully interacting with children through games, stories, play and prayer. Universal precautions should always be used while changing diapers or time of body fluids.
    • Be polite, friendly, and courteous to all children, parents, and volunteers.
    • Arrive at the scheduled time to ensure the space is ready for children by setting out the sign in sheet, getting out toys, snacks and drinks, and the remote for doors.
    • Between services clean up toys and snacks
    • Ensure the space is ready for the next group or Methodist Early Learning by putting away toys and snacks, and cleaning toys as necessary.
    • Report to the Child Care Coordinator any issues with the space, working environment or needed supplies.
    • Support the mission and vision of First United Methodist Church and Next Generations Ministry.
    • Stay until all children are secured with a responsible adult named on the Child’s registration form
    • Other duties as assigned.

    Specific Goals:
    • Employee will meet with their supervisor at least quarterly to identify goals for the coming year and review progress:

    Growth and Training:
    • Complete Safe Sanctuary training.
    • CPR training for infants and Children preferred
    Oversight: • None