JCFUMC Summer Children’s Ministry Schedule

July 10th to July 14th

“Marketplace 29 A.D.”
9:00am to 12:00pm
Cost: $30

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Closing Program: July 14th @ 6:30pm
Registration Deadline: June 30th

Just after sunrise the men have their breakfast and then begin their day in the field outside the town. The women and young children wind their way through the narrow, twisting streets and alleys toward a dusty square at the center of town. Each carries a jug to be filled at the communal well.

There is an air of excitement this morning as the women fill their jugs and exchange news and gossip by the well. Today is market day, and in addition to the craftsman shops clustered around the well, farmers and merchants have set up temporary booths and stalls. Everyone hope to visit the storyteller, who sojourning with a caravan at the edge of town…

Children will visit the baker and candy maker, make bricks out of clay/straw with their feet. mold and oil lamp, grind spices with a mortar and pestle stone, and in all attend 10 shops during the week.

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Godly Cooking Camp
July 24th To July 28th

-This Camp Is Full-

Come Explore God’s love to us through stories from the Bible.

Day One
“Garden of Eden Fruit Festival”
The story is of the creation is presented through games, food, puzzles and drama.
Day Two
“Queen Esther’s Banquet”
Today we visit Queen Esther at her palace. We begin today with a search of the palace fro the missing pendants and learn about her compassion for her people.
Day Three
“Fabulous Fishes-and-Loaves Lunch”
Two Fish and five loaves of bread; how can so little feed so many? A story of one of the miracles of Jesus and how we are for others also.
Day Four
“Kind Solomon’s Feast”
Today we learn about wisdom from a very wise king.
Day Five<h/h5>
“A friendship Food Faire”
Celebrate today the friendships we have and our friendship with Jesus.

Ecumenical Vacation Bible School
August 7th to August 11th
8:00am to 4:45pm
(with the exception of Friday when camp is dismissed at noon)

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Nestled among a wooded area just off of highway 54 in Holts Summit is located Covenant Point. This camp is owned by the Presbyterian churches and each year for many years we have covenanted with First Presbyterian Church in Jefferson City to hold a week long ecumenical vacation Bible school camp.

Children have the opportunity to join in Bible study, crafts, swimming, fishing, recreation, archery, hiking, etc.

Transportation is provided in church buses and vans from First Presbyterian and First Methodist.

For more information contact Marilyn Hoffman at First Presbyterian Church at 636-2149.
The Cost is $60 for the week.

There is a limited number of scholarships available to children of First United Methodist Church. Please contact Brenda Stoneburner at 635-6886 if your child would like a scholarship.

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